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  Mercurial Type BP Instruments
  Salient Features For All Mercurial Models
First grade quality - virgin material used
Purity of mercury 99.99% due to assured triple distillation process
0 to 300 mm of Hg scale with elegant finish, fine numbering and durable background contrast paint for clear visibility
Fused type, permanent graduation marking on the glass tube
Special control valve for perfect pressure drop
Best quality cuff for getting excellent grip
Surface plating adapted to all exposed metal parts to prevent corrosion
Classic Hi-stove painting to the body of the instrument to withstand in any climate
Optimum damping effect provided for easy and fast measurement
  Desk Top Models
  Deluxe : BPMR 120
Widely accepted everywhere
Used in all leading Maternity Homes
Cuff with extra Velcro fastening to get assured grip
Special cuff to cover all arm circumferences
This is a maternity home model
  Regular : BPMR 111 and 112
An economy model
Meant especially for medical students
Available in two cuff types
  1) Normal bandage type - BPMR 111
  2) Velcro type fastening cuff - BPMR 112
This is very popular in General Hospital Wards
  Wall Mounting Type
Body of all instruments is designed in white CRCA sheet metal
  Stand Models
  Models have very elegant fabrication designed in CRCA white metal sheet
  BPMR 152 - Stand Velcro
Wide base provided for perfect erection
Height of the instrument well suitable for normal bed height
Cuff with extra Velcro fastening to get confirmed grip
Extra coiled rubber tubing for additional distance coverage
Best Quality Caster wheels for easy and free movement
  Stand With Adjustable Height : BPMR 150
Model is specially designed for ICU, ICCU and Operation Theatre.
Facility to adjust the height of the instrument according to the requirement in ICU or O.T.
Built in head-lifter spring for effortless height changing
The pipe of the stand is completely plated from inside and outside
The base of the stand is of cast iron, hence very sturdy and durable
Whole instrument is painted beautifully and skillfully to prevent rusting.
The stand is well balanced and having special caster wheels for easy and swift movements.
Telescopic pillar is of solid material, high polished and chrome plated.
Cuff with extra Velcro fastening to get assured grip.
Extra rubber tube in the coil form for more distance coverage