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Self Measuring BP Brochure
  Self Measuring Blood Pressure Instruments
  A perfect method to help your Doctor keep you fit and healthy!

  Salient Features

Available in Digital type & Dial type with built in stethoscope
Most accurate and convenient to use
Simplest method for measuring one's own blood pressure
Specially designed cuff for simplicity and accuracy
Proper placement of stethoscope to give confirmed sound beats
Automatic deflation
No human control for cuff pressure release is needed
Proven and universally accepted method in the medical profession
Best quality material is used
   Self Check Dial Type : BPDL 231
An arm cuff with built-in stethoscope
Pouch : Soft carrying case for easy handling
Rubber Casing : Provides strong and sturdy grip for hand held use and dial gauge protection.
Stethoscope : Specially designed for blood pressure measurement
Ear Piece : Soft ear pieces for users convenience
Rubber Bulb : Easy to squeeze manually
Exhaust Valve : Press type to release the balance pressure in the cuff.
Deflation Valve : Provides constant pressure drop while measuring B.P.
Cuff : Special Cuff for easy single hand wrapping on an upper arm
Chest Piece : Proper placement of chest piece to get confirmed Korotkoff sounds
    BPDG 124
An arm cuff with built-in stethoscope
Pouch : Soft carrying case for easy handling
  - Reliable and accurate since controlled deflation rate
- Memory with real time clock and date
- Operates on 4 pencil cells, AA size
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